The Wilber lab is located in the Psychology Department  at Florida State University and we are affiliated with the Program in Neuroscience, Institute for Successful Longevity and the Florida Consortium on the Neurobiology of Cognition (FCNC). Our research is directed at understanding how we get oriented in space so we can navigate our environment and understand what goes wrong when this system fails. We use a variety of approaches to accomplish our goals, including in house 3D printed recording arrays to monitor many single cells in multiple brain regions, while simultaneously recording population related neural activity (derived from local field potential recordings). We also use viral/genetic manipulations to perform circuit specific manipulations for furthering our understanding of the function of neural networks, whole brain semi-automated density based measures of disease markers, brain function and connectivity, and rodent models of disease (e.g., Alzheimer’s). These approaches are applied in rodents that are navigating in virtual environments or freely moving in real environments.


Contact Us. If you are interested in working in our laboratory, email Dr. Aaron Wilber (awilber@fsu.edu). For information about graduate training through the Program in Neuroscience, click here. We are located in the C-wing in the Psychology building (part of the building on the right hand side of this image), conveniently located across this courtyard from the College of Medicine and Department of Biological Science (which house most of the remaining Program in Neuroscience Faculty).

Lab Phone: 850 644-1867